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Catering Chef

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What is a private chef?


 A private chef helps create a custom menu for their customer's personal needs, wants, and preferences.
Here at MomNoms, we create organically grown and local meals for all of our customers, using only the best ingredients..
We do different cuisines and diets, as well. We have specialized in Paleo and Whole 30 for several years now, making us one of the leading providers of Paleo and Whole 30 menus.
We will do all of the grocery shopping for you, so that it is one less thing that you have to worry about during your busy days. 
Most of our food comes from the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and our meats from 4505 or Golden Gate Meat Company.


Want to get ahold of us?


Need to get ahold of us?

Do you need a chef for your next event?  You can call or text us at 415-651-4244 or you can fill out this form for a brochure! 

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With every meal that you buy, you will be getting locally sourced and organic food.  We do most of our shopping for our clients from the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and our meat is sourced by both 4505 Meats and Golden Gate Meat Company.




Private Chef

Minimum of 4 meals

4 meals- $350 

6 Meals- $400

8 Meals- $450

10 Meals- $500

Catering Chef

Plated Meals*

10-15 people- $600

15+- depending on event

Family Style Meals*

10-15 people- $500

15+- depending on event 


*Plus groceries 



Contact Us! 

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Contact Us

Let us feed you!  Call or text us at 415-651-4244 or fill out this form for a brochure that goes through what you need to know and what we need to know! 


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Who is MomNoms?

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Krysten has been a chef in several up and coming
restaurants for 10 years prior to having her son.
When she had her son, she didn't want to give
up her passion for food, cooking, and people, and
started her own business.
That's how MomNoms was born. Being a private
chef and catering chef has been one of the most
joyous parts of her life.  She loves all of the
interesting people that she gets to meet along
the way.
She especially loves using her skills to make
people happy.
She is currently on her 12th year of being a chef,
she has a 2 year old son, a blog, and does
a live stream of her teaching people to cook